new EVS project – you 4 youth

We are looking for two motivated volunteers for our next European Voluntary Service project: You 4 Youth!

If you are interested in doing an EVS on the topic of youth participation from January 2018 to January 2019, this could be your project!

Check out our Infokit and our call for volunteers and send us your CV and motivation letter at!

Application deadline: 15th of September 2017.


Project description

Be the leading force of youth in Ciudad Real, Castilla-La Mancha – the land of Don Quijote!
Consejoven is looking for 2 volunteers for a duration of 1 year starting in January 2018. We are looking for volunteers who are interested to work in our programmes of Communication & PR and Promotion of Erasmus+ (1 volunteer) and Youth participation & Education (1 volunteer).
Our volunteers will be involved in all the activities organised by our organisation, such as youth meetings, events and workshops, as well as maintaining the communication with local associations and increasing the visibility of our activities. They will also be involved in non-formal projects and activities organised by our collaborating associations that work with children and youth, including disadvantaged groups or minorities.
During the project they will have the opportunity to improve in many areas, such as: interpersonal and communication skills, language skills, knowledge about a different culture and more.

Accommodation, food and transport arrangements

Our volunteers will be hosted in apartment that is located in the center area, and also close to our office. Each volunteer will have his/her own bedroom and all the costs for accommodation will be covered by Consejoven.
Each volunteer will receive 150€ for food and 105€ pocket money per month.

Training during the project

Consejoven will be responsible for on-arrival orientation, enrollment of the EVS volunteer in the on-arrival & mid-term training, and for language support.

Volunteer profile

Our volunteers should be:
· motivated, flexible, a good communicator, proactive, open to meet and work with different people from different cultures
· interested in developing their skills in communication, media, event organisation and in organising leisure, education and social activities with youth and children, including disadvantaged people and minorities
· interested in learning Spanish and discovering the culture

Experience in these fields would be a plus, as would be some knowledge of the Spanish language, of youth policy, law or international relations, although they are not required.

Additional information

The applicants should be able to present a clear criminal record (solicited by the Spanish National Agency in order to be able to work with youth and children).
This project particularly welcomes applications from young volunteers who face barriers to employment, economic difficulties, geographical or social isolation.



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