new ESC project – YOU 4 Youth 3


We are looking for one motivated volunteer for our next European Solidarity Corps project: You 4 Youth 3! 

The volunteer will be supporting our communication and youth activities at Consejoven.

We are looking to cover a last minute cancelation. The volunteer should start until the end of March or first week of April. Project duration is 1 year.

Check out the information below (project activities, volunteer’s profile, etc.) and send us your CV, motivation letter and EU Solidarity Corps registration number at

Application deadline: 3rd of March 2019. (The sooner the better)

Project description

Be the leading force of youth in Ciudad Real, Castilla-La Mancha – the land of Don Quijote!

We are a youth NGO “CONSEJOVEN” serving as youth council for young people and youth associations in Ciudad Real and the nearby area. Our work and most of our activities are based on collaboration with numerous youth associations, other NGOs and local authorities.

We are looking for a volunteer who is interested to help in our activities in the fields of Communication & PR, Promotion of Erasmus+ and Youth participation & Education.

Main activities :

    • Updating social networks, website, taking pictures, videos, etc.
    • Promoting our activities and Erasmus+ (online and through presentations and workshops among the local youth).
    • Organizing various youth related activities like meetings, events, workshops, festival, courses, etc.
    • Collaborating with local associations working with youth and children.
    • Other activities that might occur and be of interest for the volunteer and Consejoven (for example a Language Café, developing a personal project/idea, etc.).

    All the activities are carried out with the support of the Erasmus+ coordinator and other european volunteers that are already in Consejoven.

During the project the volunteer will have the opportunity to improve in many areas, such as: interpersonal and communication skills, language skills, knowledge about a different culture and more.


Volunteer profile:

  • Motivated, flexible, a good communicator, proactive, open to meet and work with different people from different cultures.
  • Curious and open to constantly learning, researching and developing hers/his abilities through working on various tasks.
  • Interested in developing their skills in communication, media, event organisation and in organising leisure, education and social activities with youth and children, including disadvantaged groups and minorities if the volunteer is open to it.
  • Minimal knowledge of Spanish (level A2 and wish to learn more). Knowledge of English is a plus.
  • Interested in discovering the spanish culture.
  • Between 18 and 30 years old.

Experience in these fields would be a plus.

Accommodation, financial support, travel:

  • The volunteer will share a flat with other EVS volunteers (will have his own room, shared bathroom, rent and bills covered by the project).
  • The volunteer will receive monthly amount for food (150 euro) and pocket money (150 euro), which is enough to cover your expenses in a relatively cheap town like Ciudad Real.
  • Travel costs to and from Ciudad Real are covered by the project (plain, train, bus, metro tickets, etc, except taxi). Visa costs are NOT covered in this project.


Training during the project:

  • Initial orientation and training in Consejoven.
  • On-arrival training and mid-term evaluation (about one week each, with other international volunteers), organised by the Erasmus+ Spanish National Agency.
  • Spanish language training (classes with a teacher and online language classes).
  • Various informal learning opportunities related to the activities of Consejoven.


Additional information:

The applicants should be able to present a clear criminal record (solicited by the Spanish National Agency in order to be able to work with youth and children). The applicants should also be registered in the European Solidarity Corps and present their Participant Reference Number. 


This project particularly welcomes applications from young volunteers who face barriers to employment, economic difficulties, geographical or social isolation.


We have 5 years of experience receiving EVS volunteers and we try make our volunteers feel welcome and to give them every opportunity to make the most of this experience – to learn, to enjoy, to make friends, to get to know the Spanish culture and to leave with tons of useful new skills and competences for their future life.



Llevamos 5 años como organización de acogida de voluntarios en Consejoven, con nuestros proyectos:

Working with Spanish Associations (enero – diciembre 2015)

Calálogo de actividades de “Working with Spanish Associations”


Working with Spanish Associations 2 (enero – diciembre 2016)

Catálogo de actividades de “Working with Spanish Associations 2”


Working with Spanish Associations 3 (enero – diciembre 2017)



Videos de los proyectos


SVE: You 4 Youth

~ Memorias de actividades


SVE: Working with Spanish Associations 3

~ Memoria final julio-diciembre 2017

 ~ Memoria final enero-junio 2017


SVE: Working with Spanish Associations 2 


Working with Spanish Associations 2 Memoria Final